Why Thailand

Day trip to Maya Bay

I have always said that Thailand has something for everyone and it has. As of today I have been 7 times and have 6 weeks to wait until I go again.

Thailand has something to offer people of all ages and nationalities, young or old, a group of lads or just the girls and the most appealing thing about Thailand to me is that you can go on your own and never feel like Billy no mates, you just blend right in with the thousands of other solo travellers.

Thailand is well-known for being a backpackers paradise, the reason for this is that you can go out their and live on as little as £10 a day, I have heard for even less. Put it this way you can find shared dorms for as little as £5 a night and you can get a decent meal from street vendors for pocket change, thousands of travellers do this all of time just so they stretch their cash in order to stay longer. Don’t get me wrong, these people do not live in squalor or starve themselves, they eat well and some of these cheap dorms are fine but when you’re young and just want to party with your friends, then this type of living is more than enough.

Not only is Thailand great for backpackers but it is also great for families and couples. Most of the islands have hotels and resorts that cater to kids. I wouldn’t say that they are the same as you would find in the likes of the Canaries or Cyprus where they have dedicated “kids clubs” but most do have swimming pools which are child friendly and obviously you’ll find miles and miles of sandy beaches for them to play on. I can’t remember seeing any kids in Thailand not having fun.

Most islands have entertaining attractions like aquariums and tiger zoos, elephant trekking is an absolute definite on every island. Other common attractions you’ll find are crocodile shows and buffalo fighting, go carting and crazy golf. You will never be short of things to do to keep the kids happy in Thailand, especially in the evenings once the fire shows start on the beach. Its pretty much the same show every night but they’re always cool to watch.

Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan

Obviously Thailand provides the perfect setting for a bit of romance, white sandy beaches, amazing sunsets and picture perfect resorts, providing that you pick the right one. One of the great things about Thailand is that it is fairly easy to avoid the busy and noisy area’s, if you want to find loud music and great party atmosphere’s then you wont have trouble finding them, especially in places like Patong in Phuket and Chaweng in Samui but if you’d rather a romantic night sitting on the beach listening to soft music by candle light then you’ll find these pretty much everywhere. You wont have to walk very far to find a few beach front restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal at a candle lit table. Most also lay out massive hand-made rugs that are big enough for a group of friends to lay down on.

Thailand isn’t the sort of place that attracts troublemakers, of course you will get the odd drunken fool trying to impress his mates by dancing on a table but that’s about it. I think the average traveller or holiday maker in Thailand just wants to enjoy each and every moment that they are there because they know that they are really lucky to be where they are. That’s how I feel when I’m there anyway.

Thailand also has a massive reputation for its sex industry. It’s no secret that a lot of men go from all over the world to indulge in sex with girls who are willing to be there’s and shower them with false affection for a small price. Some men go out there simply because they are lonely and they know that they can find in Thailand what they cant at home, again at a price. I personally don’t like it or agree with it, I hate the thought of a woman feeling like she has no other choice but to sell her body to support her family and I wish that the guys who choose to exploit this would look at the bigger picture.

Fortunately the vast majority of the Thailand and its islands are not rife with prostitution, obviously there are a few well know places where it is everywhere like Pattaya, that place is absolutely  infested with it and men looking for it, not a nice place in my opinion. I remember Pataong in Phuket having a central location for it as well. Bangkok being the capital is also well-known for prostitution, bar girls and the ping-pong shows but most of the other popular islands are bar girl free and you really have to go out of your way to look for them as they are not in your face as they are in the other places that I have just mentioned.

A Temple in Bangkok

For me, Thailand means experiencing a different way of living to what I am used to back home. I love how simple life is out there and how little you need to get by. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to move from place to place at the drop of a hat. You can stay at most resorts on a nightly basis as long as you haven’t booked and paid in advance through a travel agents or online, so you are free to leave as and when you please. I love just watching the world go by in Thailand, it’s an interesting place to people watch because you will see people from all walks of life pass you by.

If you get bored on one part of the island then you can simply pack your stuff and go to another part to find somewhere else to stay and the same applies for moving to a completely different island or another part of Thailand for that matter. Every island has its own identity and feels different from the next and you have so many to choose from. Some are more popular and touristy than others and some are completely unspoilt and secluded.

Thailand is totally accessible as it has many airports all over the place and well-organized rail and ferry operations, all makes getting around the country so easy.

Your choices are endless and for me, that’s one of the main attractions about Thailand. Where ever you do find yourself you will be spoilt with amazing scenery, beaches, the best Thai food in the world, really cheap accommodation, a really lovely culture and super sweet people.

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on earth, so please treat it like that and try to leave it that way.  Be kind to it and its people and they will be kind to you. Don’t go over there with the intention of leaving your mark on Thailand but allow Thailand to leave its mark on you 🙂

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